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How Vurvey Helps You Launch Amazing Products and Partner with Brand Advocates

Posted 3 Jan 2022

Chad Reynolds

The Rebirth

The last few years have seen many changes to how we work, shop, and live. And none of them more pronounced than the shift to a more contactless, tech-engaged society. Stats have shown that QR code usage around the world soared during 2021 and that the growth continued into 2021. In fact, the number of people using QR codes has nearly doubled during the past few years. And recent data shows that consumers see QR codes as an important part of making their shopping experience safer.

“There’s no doubt we will eventually move back to more in-person interactions, but many of the tech-enabled habits formed during the pandemic will stay with us. We believe one of those is the use of QR codes as a front door to consumer engagement.”


Today, we are excited to launch our new QR code tool with you. It lives natively in the Vurvey Builder and automatically creates a custom QR code for each and every campaign you run. Download, post, or print to ease sharing feedback loops with all of your different audiences.

Automated QR Codes are now generated in the Vurvey builder

We started experimenting with QR codes by placing them on products distributed to consumers testing prototypes. This dramatically helped consumers pull up Vurveys on their phones while engaging with the products. It turned out that this became a helpful shortcut that could benefit all of our users as they continue to look for more ways to gather insights and create with customers.

Identify Early Adopters

QR codes add feedback opportunities at any time and any place. By placing a QR code on your product packing, your customers can simply scan the code and leave you feedback on your product no matter the time, or place. Now you can get feedback from your customers in the way that is easiest for them. The more convenient it is to give feedback, the more likely you get the feedback you need. Here are a few ways you can start using them today.

Add QR codes to packaging for instant feedback from loyal customers

Activate In-person Experiences

In addition to packaging, you can leverage Vurvey QR codes throughout physical experiences, from the shelves to team member uniforms. QR codes that link to vurveys promote personal, impactful ratings, reviews, and feedback loops. This is an effective way for brick-and-mortar locations to bridge the offline and online gap, helping customers transition to a more collaborative experience with the brand vs. public-facing Yelp reviews.

And in a “touch-free world”, QR codes are simple to make it easier than ever for you to engage with your audience in a completely contactless way. That is why we are so excited to share this new tool with you today.

Partner with your customers using QR codes and customized landing pages

Turn Packaging into Insights

Feedback can happen anywhere, anytime. And as valuable as customer feedback is, we want to help make it as easy as possible to capture. From product packaging to running efficient product testing, the possibilities are endless for this new QR code tool.

Great customer feedback is now only a snap away.

The Vurvey QR code combines two of the most powerful technologies in today’s shopping experience: mobile and video. When you allow consumers to share video feedback using their phones, you turn customers into brand advocates.

The QR code tool is included at no additional cost to Vurvey customers. Check it out today, and let us know what you think!

Chad Reynolds

About the author

Chad Reynolds is the Founder & CEO of Vurvey, an innovative co-creation platform that empowers companies to partner with consumers to build, test, and launch winning products. Chad is a serial tech entrepreneur, often speaking at industry events about human-centered design, co-creation, and disruptive innovation, as well as serving as a mentor and board member for high-growth start-ups.

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