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Video + Survey = Vurvey

Vurvey FAQ’s

Vurvey Platform
What’s Vurvey?
Vurvey is an artificial intelligence (AI) research company that builds people-powered AI systems.

We champion the democratization of insights, tearing down the silos that hinder innovation and replacing them with transparency, authenticity, and automation.
How do Brands get onto the platform?
To launch on Vurvey, Brands need a workspace account. This account provides a way to manage your brand profile, accept people into your community, and collaborate. Sign up for a demo and let us help get you started.
How can I collaborate with Brands?
Collaborating with brands is easier than ever. Once you join the platform and create your profile, join any brand community that seems interesting. Share video messages with the brand, earn points for answering questions, and respond to more in-depth collaborations, called Campaigns. You can manage everything from your phone.
Can I test FREE Products?
Yes, we partner with brands who want you to test their products and services. Keep a watch out for campaigns that include this as part of the experience.
How does Vurvey use AI?
As an early adopter of machine learning and artificial intelligence, our team uses AI to help with analysis. matchmaking you to brands, and help generating questions. We have implemented global controls for data encryption, storage, and AI tools to keep your data private and safe. This is extremely important to us and our mission.