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Introducing vTeam: Human-Driven AI for Insights and Innovation

Posted 11 Apr 2024

Chad Reynolds

Vurvey, the AI platform powered by people, announces a groundbreaking solution that combines Generative AI with consumers to empower brands to do their most inventive work.

LAS VEGAS – At this year’s Google Next conference, Chad Reynolds, Vurvey’s Founder & CEO, shared a compelling vision for the future of work and how teams can use AI powered by people to amplify human creativity. This included the announcement of Vurvey’s most ambitious launch to date, an integrated AI product suite, called vTeam.

vTeam builds on Vurvey’s patented video survey platform with customized AI agents, proprietary datasets, and complex workflows, to automate the process of consumer research, ideation, and iterative feedback loops. The goal is to dramatically reduce the year-long process of taking a new product to market, while involving 100x more consumers along the way.

You can watch a demo of vTeam below in action and join the waitlist to get early access.

The human engine behind vTeam is Vurvey’s community of three million brand enthusiasts, who share hundreds of thousands of video stories and feedback with the brands they love. Building a community of advocates and users before launch has proven to be a recipe for success.

On Google’s innovator’s stage, Vurvey outline a vision of how AI can enhance human creativity to a crowd of industry executives, venture firms, and tech leaders.

“vTeam represents a significant leap forward in AI powered by human creativity. To compete today, you really need to create with an AI-first approach. We believe this will revolutionize how individuals, teams, and companies can create better ideas, and ultimately build loyalty at every step of the way.”

How Does vTeam impact the way we work?
AI Assistants Explore What’s Possible

Customizable to the needs of each brand and function, vTeam allows users to set objectives and collaborate with virtual team of AI agents, including assistants and personas that represent customer segments. Each agent can be guided to perform specific tasks, such as generating visual inspiration, trends, and insights, all while leveraging data collected from Vurvey’s video survey campaigns or your private datasets.

This helps teams explore multiple paths and scenarios without losing time or valuable resources. You can now explore hunches, visualize insights in new ways, and generate 100x the inspiration to curate down into new strategies and concepts.

Datasets Ground Everything in Truth

To elevate your outputs, Vurvey now includes the ability to “talk” with your data. Upload documents, visual assets, websites, or external sources (like Google Drive) to generate embedding that vTeam can use to ground the results of what Vurvey generates. With vTeam you can combine the collective intelligence of thousands of your customers along with existing market research studies, internal documentation, and more.

Conversations + Workflow Save Valuable Time

vTeam allows you to create instant conversational outputs (like above), or automate entire end-to-end workflows. Choose from conversational or multi-step Agents that can enhance the entire creative process. Through our partnerships with Google, Anthropic, and other leading AI providers, vTeam has the ability to access industry leading LLMs including Gemini 1.5, Claude 3, Stable Diffusion, and more to customize outputs for each AI Agent. This means that one agent can generate text insights and ideas, while another agent is designing 3D product concept visuals that match the ideas. All of these are packaged in an immersive presentation layer.

The New Way to Create

For the first time, the power of AI and human creativity can come together, empowering brands to work side by side with consumers to generate outputs in minutes instead of months. We believe this is vital for building customer loyalty and powering the new ways of working inside of companies.

vTeam is available in private preview with general availability coming soon for all customers. If you would like to see how vTeam can accelerate research, marketing, innovation, and your brand experience, please join our waitlist. We will be in contact immediately to discuss next steps.