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Visualize Co-Creation Insights with New Vurvey Reels

Posted 3 Feb 2022

Chad Reynolds

Insights worth sharing

Wow! It’s been a busy start to 2022 for the Vurvey team. Over the last few weeks we have heard from many of the world’s leading brands about the continued shift away from siloed product development towards co-creation. 

But the reality is that it isn’t easy to do without a purpose built co-creation platform. That’s why Vurvey exists. To make it easy for brands to put their customers at the heart of everything you build and create better products.

That is why today we are excited to announce our newest feature launch in Vurvey. Starting today, all customers can access our new Reels feature, and build their own co-creation videos to share with anyone.

Turn your favorite clips into a Reel

Vurvey Reels builds on the idea that quality matters more than quantity when it comes to co-creation. That is why we made it simple to take the best customer feedback, and quickly build video highlights that you can share with anyone.

It’s easy to get started. First, navigate to the Results tab on any Campaign. Then, click the Add to Reel button below any response that you would to add to your Reel. You will see a list of existing Reels that have already been created, or you can select New Reel to start an entirely new one.

Collect your best stories

Once you have added all the responses you want to your reel, you can edit your Reel together. Just adjust the Start and Stop time to show only the parts of the response you want in your Reel. You can even adjust the order of the responses to any flow you would like.

After you are finished with each video, you can click the Share button to publish your Reel and securely share it with anyone. You can always go back at any time and edit your Reel, make changes, or remove videos.

Edit on the Timeline

Once you publish your reel, it will take a few moments to process all the videos together and be ready to watch. You can adjust the background color from light to dark, and use the unique URL to securely share a link to team members, partners, or stakeholders.

And because at Vurvey, privacy is key to everything we do, we added an option to password protect your Reels so that only those with the password can view it. With each Reel, you have the option to share it as public or private.

Inspire action with your team

We hope you enjoy using Reels as much as we have enjoyed building them. Ultimately, this is the start of the next generation of feedback.

  • Launch a feedback campaign in under 1 min
  • Visualize insights faster with consumer-friendly charts
  • Work asynchronously with less time creating static presentations
  • Share reels with stakeholders to inspire next steps

In just a few minutes, you can instantly create and share brilliant insights with your team. Whether you are in marketing, product creation, merchandising, or anywhere in between, you can now take your co-creation journey further.

Chad Reynolds

About the author

Chad Reynolds is the Founder & CEO of Vurvey, an innovative co-creation platform that empowers companies to partner with consumers to build, test, and launch winning products. Chad is a serial tech entrepreneur, often speaking at industry events about human-centered design, co-creation, and disruptive innovation, as well as serving as a mentor and board member for high-growth start-ups.

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