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How Vurvey is Transforming Eco-Anxiety into Action at the COP26 Climate Summit

Posted 1 Nov 2021

Chad Reynolds

Force of Nature and Justified Studio partner with Vurvey to bring voices together in real-time during COP26

Collect and share insights with the world

The Problem

The COP26 Summit brings together over 190 world leaders to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Together with tens of thousands of negotiators, government representatives, businesses, and citizens, twelve days of talks take place from 31 October – 12 November 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland. Most experts believe COP26 has a particular urgency.

“Securing a brighter future for our children and future generations requires countries to take urgent action at home and abroad to turn the tide on climate change. It is with ambition, courage, and collaboration as we approach the crucial COP26 summit in the UK that we can seize this moment together, so we can recover cleaner, rebuild greener and restore our planet.”


With 78% of people reporting some level of eco-anxiety, COP26 provides an opportunity to catalyze global sentiment, co-create specific actions to take, and signal meaningful change to improve the world. And for the 2021 Summit, Force of Nature needed an easy way to bring everyone’s voices together.

The Solution

Share your voice –

Vurvey partnered with Force of Nature and Justified Studio to help co-create Call Your Mother, a space that gives everyone a platform to share their feelings about the climate crisis and connect with others who feel the same way. Call Your Mother will be supported by a series of physical world pop-ups throughout COP26. Launching on the 1st of November, the activation has been carefully created to provide a safe space that will help legitimize feelings around the climate crisis and empower people to act.

Anyone in the world can share their feelings, insights, and ideas on Vurvey

Hosted by Vurvey, Call Your Mother gives anyone with a smartphone the chance to become part of the conversation and solution. Accessed via a QR code, users are guided through a series of questions and encouraged to submit audio messages. Once complete, they will arrive at an immersive page where all audio calls and responses are visualized in real-time. From here, they can listen and interact with all the messages that have been submitted. 

Call Your Mother features physical pop-ups throughout COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland

While the digital space will provide a permanent outlet for these conversations, Force of Nature will launch a series of physical ‘Call Your Mother’ pop-ups across Glasgow between 1st and 12th November, encouraging delegates and attendees to submit their stories to the platform. The data and insight gathered through the platform will be used to help Force of Nature better understand how eco-anxiety is impacting society, so they can create tools that will help educate and support those that are struggling.

With most conversations at COP26 taking place behind closed-door rooms, Call Your Mother offers a platform for those outside of these exclusive circles – many of whom already feel disillusioned by decision-makers offering empty promises. By creating a safe online space for people to share their stories and feelings, we can ensure the project’s impact lives on after all the delegates return home.

Clover Hogan, Force of Nature CEO

A special thank you goes to Force of Nature and Justified Studio for including us in the global experience.

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Chad Reynolds

About the author

Chad Reynolds is the Founder & CEO of Vurvey, an innovative co-creation platform that empowers companies to partner with consumers to build, test, and launch winning products. Chad is a serial tech entrepreneur, often speaking at industry events about human-centered design, co-creation, and disruptive innovation, as well as serving as a mentor and board member for high-growth start-ups.

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