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Google Selects Vurvey to Announce New AI Features at Next '24

Posted 4 Apr 2024

Chad Reynolds

We’re thrilled to announce that Vurvey has been selected to present at Google Next ’24, a testament to our innovative approach to consumer-brand collaboration through AI. We owe a lot of our results to our participation in the Google AI Startups Accelerator.

Vurvey Named Top AI Startup for 2024

Google just named Vurvey a top startup for the upcoming Cloud conference. Next ’24 is the premier event for tech innovators and industry leaders, offering opportunities to connect, learn, and grow. It’s a gathering of the brightest minds in technology, looking to shape the future of technology.

At Vurvey, we’re redefining how brands interact with their consumers by leveraging AI to gather deep insights and drive engagement. Our upcoming presentation at Next ’24 will unveil new products that further solidifies our position at the forefront of AI innovation for brands.

Google for Startups AI Accelerator

The Google for Startups Accelerator has been instrumental in Vurvey’s development, providing us with invaluable resources and access to a network of mentors and innovators. Our team was selected for this program in 2023, giving us access to early features, AI models, and more.

The Google Accelerator has supercharged our growth and enhanced our capability to deliver cutting edge AI solutions.

Eric Poff, CTO Vurvey

Join us at Google Next ’24 for an exclusive look at our latest innovation. We are looking forward to discussing how AI can transform consumer-brand relationships, offering a glimpse into the future of market research.

Planning on being in Las Vegas? We’d love to connect with you. We go on stage April 11th at 12pm at the Start-up Showcase Stage.

Whether you’re a brand, a startup, or just passionate about AI, there’s something to talk about this year.