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Case Study

Neutrogena x Vurvey Innovating Next-Gen Skincare Solutions

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The Challenge:

Neutrogena faced the intricate challenge of diving deep into the diverse and complex world of consumer skin care needs and desires. With a global clientele spanning multiple countries, demographics, and consumer archetypes, the task at hand was to decipher the varied skin pain points and aspirations. This nuanced understanding was crucial for Neutrogena to innovate and stay at the forefront of the skincare industry, delivering products that cater to the evolving needs of a multifaceted audience.

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The Solution:

In pursuit of this ambitious goal, Neutrogena embarked on a strategic partnership with Vurvey, initiating a large-scale engagement to co-create with over 8,000 consumers across the diverse landscapes of North and South America. This collaboration was multifaceted, involving:

  • Persona Identification: Conducting comprehensive studies to identify and screen diverse consumer personas, laying the foundation for targeted insights.
  • Pain Points Exploration: Delving into detailed investigations to unearth and articulate the specific skin care challenges and desires of consumers, guiding product innovation.
  • Concept and Brand Testing: Engaging consumers in testing and providing feedback on various product concepts, branding, and marketing strategies, ensuring alignment with consumer expectations.

The Results:

The initiative bore remarkable fruits, establishing a dynamic community of over 8,000 engaged consumers, ready to offer real-time insights, feedback, and innovative ideas. This vibrant ecosystem became an invaluable asset for Neutrogena, yielding:

  • Rich Insight Repository: With over 30,000 video insights captured, Neutrogena gained an unprecedented depth of understanding into consumer needs and preferences.
  • Innovation Acceleration: These insights became the lifeblood of Neutrogena’s innovation process, significantly enhancing the development of the next generation of skincare products.
  • Strategic Growth: The consumer-driven insights informed Neutrogena’s growth strategies, ensuring that new products are not only innovative but also deeply resonant with the global consumer base.

This case study illuminates how Neutrogena transformed the challenge of understanding diverse consumer needs into an opportunity to revolutionize skincare innovation. By fostering a collaborative community and leveraging rich consumer insights, Neutrogena is shaping the future of skincare, tailored to the real and diverse needs of its global clientele.

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