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Case Study

Mondelez’s Tasting Success with Vurvey

The Challenge:

Mondelez, a leading player in the European chocolate market, faced the challenge of revitalizing growth in a mature and saturated product category. The main challenge was gathering qualitative video feedback across seven countries, in seven languages, simultaneously, and in one place for an innovation sprint in just a few weeks while giving the whole team the ability to analyze in their native language. Other key challenges included:

  • Identifying common consumer trends and behaviors transcending cultural and linguistic barriers across seven diverse European markets.
  • Developing ideas and concepts with broad applicability to resonate across all European markets.
  • Overcoming the complexities of efficiently gathering and synthesizing consumer data from diverse regions.

The Solution:

To address these challenges, Mondelez partnered with Vurvey to deploy innovative and scalable AI-native market research tools for real-time live translation across all languages and multilingual AI conversations with the data to dive deeper for the global team members in their own languages. Other strategies utilized included:

  • Utilizing dynamic video responses to capture authentic consumer sentiments and preferences in the consumer’s native language, providing deeper insights into consumer behavior.
  • Implementing real-time agile market research methodologies to swiftly identify emerging consumer needs and preferences.
  • Leveraging machine learning audience targeting, customizable question types, and automated cross-market analysis to extract comprehensive insights across diverse European markets

The Results:

The implementation of these strategies led to significant outcomes for Mondelez, both in the short term with the sprint as well as in the long term with robust proprietary datasets they can use in ongoing research with easy access through Vurvey’s AI tools. Other impactful results included:

  • Accelerated research timelines: From concept to field in just 2 weeks across seven diverse markets and languages, enabling faster decision-making and product development cycles.
  • Unprecedented scale and depth: Engaging with over 300 unique consumers, resulting in the acquisition of 4,700 insights and 50 hours of valuable video material, providing a comprehensive understanding of consumer preferences and behaviors all collected and analyzed in less than a week.

By leveraging Vurvey’s innovative market research solutions, Mondelez successfully crafted universal growth strategies tailored to the diverse European chocolate market, paving the way for future innovation and expansion in the industry.

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