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Venture into the future with Fred Schonenberg

Posted 29 Feb 2024

Chad Reynolds

In this week’s episode of AI Powered by People, by Chad Reynolds and Sarah Nagle had an enlightening conversation with Fred Schonenberg, the visionary founder of VentureFuel. The episode took an unexpected turn into the dairy aisle as Fred shared insights into VentureFuel’s role in revolutionizing industries with AI, highlighting the innovative potential of AI in even the most traditional sectors like ice cream. This engaging discussion provided a comprehensive look into how AI is about fostering meaningful advancements across diverse industries.

Revolutionizing Industries with AI

VentureFuel connects large corporations with agile startups to leverage AI technologies. Fred discussed the transformative role of AI in enhancing consumer engagement, streamlining operations, and driving forward environmental sustainability. By bridging the gap between traditional businesses and cutting-edge AI applications, VentureFuel aims to catalyze meaningful advancements across the board.

Navigating the AI Landscape

Fred addressed the complexities and challenges inherent in integrating AI into established industries. He shed light on the importance of understanding AI’s capabilities and limitations, emphasizing a strategic approach to adoption that involves learning, testing, and gradually building AI-driven solutions. This phased integration process helps businesses mitigate risks while maximizing the benefits of AI.

Impact and Growth Potential

Fred illustrated AI’s potential to not only solve pressing business challenges but also to open new avenues for growth and innovation. From personalized sales strategies to advanced content verification systems, AI’s impact is vast and varied. VentureFuel’s role in facilitating these connections underscores the significant growth potential for AI in transforming how businesses operate and engage with their customers.

Expanding AI’s Horizons

The conversation also ventured into the future possibilities of AI beyond traditional business applications, exploring its potential in areas like the dairy industry. Fred’s examples of AI-driven product development and sustainability initiatives demonstrate the versatility and adaptability of AI technologies in meeting diverse needs and challenges across different sectors.

Commitment to Ethical AI Use

Addressing concerns around AI, Fred emphasized VentureFuel’s commitment to ethical AI use, focusing on privacy, security, and the responsible deployment of AI technologies. This commitment ensures that as AI continues to evolve, it does so in a manner that respects user privacy and promotes positive societal impacts.


Fred’s insights provide a fascinating look into how the future of AI is sprinkling new flavors of innovation across various industries. As we navigate AI-driven businesses and emerging ideas, the conversation with Fred serves as an inspiring guide, highlighting the endless possibilities and the critical importance of ethical, impactful AI development.


> How does VentureFuel specifically match startups with corporations to ensure successful integration of AI technologies?

VentureFuel will either set up an accelerator program within an organization or find founders for pitch events organizations host. In the latter case, VentureFuel will understand the needs of organizations and matchmake founders that are solving the needs of the organizational partner.

> Can you provide more examples of traditional industries, besides the dairy sector, that have been transformed by AI through VentureFuel’s initiatives?

Many industries have been transformed by VentureFuel, including Food and Beverage, Outdoor, Biotech, Entertainment, Girl Retailers, and Transportation.

> What measures does VentureFuel take to address and ensure the ethical use of AI in its partnerships and projects?

By seeking out founders who are using AI responsibly and using AI for good rather than using AI for nefarious use cases, they are ensuring that the large organizations that they partner with ethically think about AI.

image created by Annie Burke