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Is the Home the Future Hospital?

Posted 5 Jul 2024

Chad Reynolds

This week’s episode of AI Powered By People, tackles the complex intersection of AI and healthcare, featuring a fascinating discussion with Kjell De Orr, CEO of 7Bridges Group and Executive Director of the CoCreation Lab in Miami.

One of the most intriguing initiatives Kjell discusses is using AI-powered sensors in low-income housing to seamlessly collect health data. Imagine a future where our homes adapt to our evolving health needs, providing a personalized, proactive approach to healthcare. This concept, born from a collaboration with MIT’s School of Architecture, challenges the traditional static nature of housing and envisions homes that evolve with their occupants.

However, Kjell also highlights the hurdles in harnessing the power of AI in healthcare. The reluctance to share patient data due to liability concerns and competitive fears creates a bottleneck, leaving valuable data untapped. While synthetic data offers a potential solution, navigating privacy and ethical considerations remains paramount.

The conversation takes a thought-provoking turn as Kjell argues that the traditional power dynamic in healthcare is being disrupted. Big Pharma, once at the forefront of innovation, is now scrambling to catch up with smaller, more agile AI-driven companies. This shift underscores the democratizing potential of AI, enabling startups to challenge established players and accelerate breakthroughs.

The episode concludes with a compelling vision of the “home as the future of the hospital.” This concept, where AI-powered homes provide personalized healthcare solutions, has the potential to transform our approach to health and wellbeing. However, ensuring equitable access to these advancements remains a critical challenge.

As AI continues to reshape healthcare, “AI Powered By People” offers a valuable platform for exploring the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.