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Embracing the AI Revolution: A Conversation with Charles Irizarry from Brim & Company

In this week’s AI Powered by People episode, we had the privilege of interviewing Charles Irizarry, an accomplished tech entrepreneur, AI enthusiast and Principal and CEO of Brim & Company. His insights into the role of AI in modern business and technology are informative and indicative of the massive shifts occurring in our digital landscape.

The AI Paradigm Shift

Charles highlighted how AI is rapidly becoming an integral part of business operations, emphasizing that we are in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution. He described AI as the science of teaching machines to think and reason like humans, augmenting human capabilities rather than replacing them. This perspective is crucial, especially for businesses looking to adopt AI. It’s about enhancement, not replacement.

AI’s Impact on Decision-Making

One of the critical applications of AI, as mentioned by Charles, is in decision-making processes. AI can process and analyze data at a scale impossible for humans, thereby providing invaluable insights and recommendations. This capability can significantly boost productivity and efficiency, particularly in sectors like manufacturing, where timely decisions can substantially impact throughput and output quality.

Narrow AI vs. General AI

A vital distinction Charles drew was between narrow and general AI. Currently, we are in narrow AI, where AI systems are designed for specific tasks. The future, however, lies in the development of general AI – systems that can perform various tasks at a human level of competence. This shift will mark a significant leap in AI capabilities.

Data: The New Gold

In the AI ecosystem, data is king. Charles pointed out that the real value in AI doesn’t necessarily lie in owning the most sophisticated models but in having access to quality data. This insight is particularly relevant for startups and entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in AI. Collecting, processing, and utilizing data effectively will be a significant differentiator.

The Future of AI in Business

Charles predicts that AI will most benefit two business categories: small businesses and large enterprises. Small companies can leverage AI to scale rapidly without the encumbrance of technical debt, while large enterprises can use AI to maintain and strengthen their market dominance.

Advice for Entrepreneurs and Businesses

Charles’s advice for entrepreneurs is straightforward yet profound: focus on creating value. AI is a powerful tool, but it is just that – a tool. The core of a successful business still lies in providing value to customers. He also advises companies to adopt AI to stay competitive, as AI adoption will become a key differentiator in many industries.


Our conversation with Charles was enlightening and a stark reminder of the fast-paced changes occurring in the world of technology and business. As AI continues to evolve, it will reshape how we work, make decisions, and interact with the world. The key takeaway for companies and entrepreneurs is clear:

  • Embrace AI
  • Understand its capabilities, and most importantly
  • Use it to augment and enhance human potential