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Introducing "AI Powered by People" a Podcast by Vurvey Labs

Posted 17 Jan 2024

Chad Reynolds

We’re thrilled to launch “AI Powered by People,” a podcast series from Vurvey, aimed at demystifying the role of AI in transforming business landscapes. This series offers insights into how AI is redefining industry norms and revolutionizing workforce dynamics.

Vurvey at CES

Join Chad Reynolds and Sarah Nagle as they unpack Chad’s experience at CES, which builds on Vurvey’s recent session at Google’s Cloud Conference. This segment offers an exciting peek into the future of technology, seen through the eyes of a premier tech event.

AI in Entertainment

Jump into the world where AI can bring comedians back from the dead. We discuss the impact of George Carlin’s AI-generated comedy special and how it might impact other sectors.

Revolutionizing the Workforce with AI

Organizations are restructuring, doing more with fewer humans, and evolving due to AI developments. This insightful discussion vividly shows AI’s evolving role in global brand innovation.

Exclusive Chat with Dustin Williams of Google Cloud

The episode’s centerpiece is our engaging dialogue with Dustin Williams. We explore the future of Google Cloud and the dynamic world of generative AI. Dustin brings to light the innovations of Gemini, Google’s cutting-edge architecture that’s transforming multimodal AI capabilities.

He shares his expertise on navigating the fast-paced tech advancements, likening it to a ‘tech tsunami’, and discusses the challenges and opportunities in keeping up with rapid tech evolution.

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Stay on top of the game with AI Powered by People. We’re not just offering discussions; we’re providing a platform for groundbreaking insights. Each episode is a blend of expert interviews, trend analyses, and practical applications of AI in business, ensuring you stay informed and ahead in the dynamic world of technology.

AI Powered by People is more than a podcast; it’s a vital tool for anyone looking to understand and capitalize on the power of AI in the business sector. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or newly exploring the realm of AI, this podcast is your gateway to grasping the immense potential AI holds for business innovation. Tune in and join us as we navigate the exciting world of AI.