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AI Agents and the Future of Personalization: A Conversation with Steve Lesnard

In this week’s AI Powered by People episode, Chad Reynolds and Sarah Nagle had the privilege of interviewing Steve Lesnard known for his dynamic roles including Chief Brand Officer for both Sephora and The North Face, and EVP of Running at Nike, shared his deep insights on blending AI with consumer engagement to shape the future of marketing:

Consumer-Centric Innovation

Steve emphasized the importance of innovation that centers around consumer needs, desires, and experiences. His tenure at leading brands like Nike, North Face, and Sephora showcased how deeply understanding consumer behavior leads to groundbreaking products and services that resonate on a global scale.

AI’s Role in Enhancing Consumer Engagement

The discussion touched upon how AI is revolutionizing the way brands interact with their consumers. Steve pointed out that AI is still in its nascent stages within many organizations but has the potential to dramatically improve personalization, consumer service, and the overall shopping experience.

The Transformation of Retail and Beauty Industries

Through his work at Sephora, Steve contributed to democratizing beauty by making high-end products more accessible and allowing consumers to experiment freely, a move that redefined retail experiences. This approach, combined with the use of AI, could further personalize and enhance consumer engagement.

Challenges and Opportunities with AI Integration

Steve candidly discussed the challenges organizations face when integrating AI, such as data harmonization and ensuring authenticity in consumer interactions. Despite these hurdles, he remains optimistic about AI’s ability to solve real-world problems and improve efficiencies in businesses and everyday life.

AI Agents

The concept of AI agents was explored as a means to provide highly personalized and efficient solutions to consumers. Steve envisions a future where AI agents can assist in various aspects of life, from education to travel, by reducing frictions and enhancing experiences.


Steve’s insights on the podcast underline the critical impact of AI in revolutionizing consumer engagement and innovation across various sectors. His rich background with brands like Nike, North Face, and Sephora showcases the importance of a consumer-centric approach in leveraging AI for business success. The conversation highlights the evolving role of AI in personalization, improving consumer experiences, and addressing real-world challenges. This episode makes it clear that integrating AI with a deep understanding of consumer needs presents significant opportunities for brands to foster meaningful connections, setting new benchmarks for innovation in the digital age.