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How QR Codes Can Transform CX and Drive Growth in 2022

Posted 28 Dec 2021

Chad Reynolds

In 2012, Heathrow started tracking customer experience in its terminals. These machines started popping up around the airport. A decade later they are still there and guess what? Nothing much has changed about the Heathrow customer experience.

Source: Techcrunch

It’s hardly surprising when you imagine the data they might be getting from this?  “August 24th: 20% smiley faces, 10% sad faces, and 70% in between.”

How can they really use it to identify and fix specific pain points? What does it tell them in terms of how to innovate the customer journey through the airport? This is not CX. It’s CX signaling.

Moving beyond signals

Now, imagine you saw a Vurvey QR code tied to a feedback loop. Instead of smiley face buttons, the experience opens on your phone with video to help express yourself. Using a quick phrase like “Create a better Heathrow,” you’d get rich video responses from travelers combined with data analytics.

Scan the code to instantly share video feedback in-context

Actionable insights across the CX Journey

Vurvey QR creates an opportunity for businesses that really want to walk the talk on customer experience and make CX journeys better through expressive, continuous customer feedback. Your customers can scan a Vurvey QR code once or on several points during their journey and can then respond to questions by talking into the self-view of their smartphone’s camera.

QR codes for actionable insights that align with the customer experience

Quick and easy = more responses

This approach provides the insights that CX teams can easily prioritize and act upon. You even map the entire customer journey (online and offline) and gain a continuous feedback loop of what’s working and what isn’t. More importantly, this allows you to can see and hear why something isn’t working and contextualize user-generated suggestions for improvements. As feedback is attributed to a specific traveler, you can easily contact them for additional feedback or engage them in building future solutions.

The best part is that all data is auto-transcribed using natural language processing AI and allows team members to search and generate video reels based on certain subjects or themes. Reels really help make the case for changes internally. Decision-makers need to see, hear, and feel the feedback to help prioritize and craft solutions.

Reason to believe

Imagine how engaged your customers would be in 2022 if they started to see their feedback, suggestions, and stories manifesting in the future experience. It could drive extraordinary word of mouth, social PR, and growth. It might also become the reason customers believe in your brand for years to come.

Chad Reynolds

About the author

Chad Reynolds is the Founder & CEO of Vurvey, an innovative co-creation platform that empowers companies to partner with consumers to build, test, and launch winning products. Chad is a serial tech entrepreneur, often speaking at industry events about human-centered design, co-creation, and disruptive innovation, as well as serving as a mentor and board member for high-growth start-ups.

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