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Vurvey Launches New Brand AI at Google Cloud Summit

Posted 19 Sep 2023

Eric Poff

A few weeks ago, I was honored to speak at Google Cloud Next ‘23 about our pioneering uses for Generative AI. While at the event, I had the opportunity to talk with several industry leaders about disruptive technology, with much of our conversations focused on recent advances in Large Language Models (LLMs.)

What is Generative AI?

Perform a Google search and you will find that generative AI is defined as “a type of artificial intelligence technology that can produce various types of content, including text, imagery, audio and synthetic data”. Personally, I consider generative AI a natural extension of data analytics. For context, the commonly agreed upon types of data analytics are:

  • Descriptive Analytics – “what happened”
  • Diagnostic Analytics – “why did this happen”
  • Predictive Analytics – “what will happen in the future”
  • Prescriptive Analytics – “what should I do next”

Naturally, the next step is “do it for me” – which, by definition, is generative AI. However, to make all of this possible – from descriptive to generative – rich data is needed.

How Vurvey uses Generative AI

Vurvey is an insights platform used by major brands to understand consumer behavior, validate concepts and generate new ideas. At its core, Vurvey mines thousands of hours of video transcripts and data points to uncover hidden themes and consumer wants – this is the rich data that fuels the idea generation process.

Not surprisingly we operate heavily in the natural language processing (NLP) space. Our unique data set encompasses a wide range of topics and an enormous depth of emotion. Although impressive, the data must be refined so it can be actionable.

So, how do we transform data into actionable insights?

  • First, start by making sense of text data- literally! Video format questions allow people to respond easily and intuitively. The challenge is not collecting enough data; instead the challenge is making sense of all the data. To solve this problem, we developed an AI system we call Sense Make, which is capable of recognizing key themes and understanding consumer sentiment – and do it at scale.
  • Next, we employ iterative processes to continually refine vast amounts of data into concise, meaningful summaries. No need to watch and review every video – our AI summaries take care of that for you while maintaining important details.
  • Finally, with our new understanding of key facts derived from Sense Make, we generate specific product ideas and recommend actionable steps to perform next. With a single click, brands benefit from a data-driven approach that drives iterative improvements in their products and services.

Introducing Brand AI

Brands today need a solution capable of delivering meaningful insights about consumers while simultaneously providing generative AI solutions that save time and grows the business. 

To meet this need, Vurvey launched Brand AI, an innovation co-pilot tailored specifically to your brand. By combining Vurvey’s Sensemake models with your own data, you now have a truly unique generative AI tool at your fingertips.

How are brands using Vurvey’s Brand AI tool?

  • Creation – A global footwear manufacturer of running shoes converted 1,500 interviews with runners into 15 new concepts generated exclusively from consumer data points and video insights. Concepts included product name, description, key benefits, and a marketing brief based on the desired target audience.
  • Summarization – A global insights agency uses Vurvey AI to summarize thousands of consumer interviews into personalized customer deliverables. This gave the agency 10x savings in time, total costs, and people resources, allowing them to scale support across different markets without adding headcount.
  • Discovery – A global HR consulting firm identifies emerging “future of work” trends and insights using Vurvey AI across their video interviews. The results have been featured in trade publications (Inc., Forbes, etc.) and an upcoming book about the future of business.
  • Automation – A global CPG brand uses Vurvey AI to automate consumer segmentation and scale the collection of shopper insights across their customers. Campaigns are distributed to consumer profiles that best match segments across qualitative data and customized object detection.

Getting Started with Vurvey’s Brand AI

To experience the benefits of Brand AI, follow these simple steps:

  • Sign up for your own brand workspace
  • Train the AI system by uploading your data
  • Launch video surveys to collect new information
  • Interact with your innovation co-pilot to generate ideas
Eric Poff

About the author

Eric is a seasoned technology executive with a strong passion for data and analytics. As CTO of Vurvey, he leads our generative AI capabilities by pioneering innovative solutions. Throughout his career, Eric has transformed raw data into valuable insights that drive results. He has led both small and mid-sized teams, helping companies pivot into new areas and achieve growth. His versatile experience spans multiple roles, including analyst, architect, project leader, and head of R&D/product development.

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