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Meet Ama, an always-on insight strategist for your team

Posted 9 Jul 2024

Chad Reynolds

We’ve all been there: drowning in a sea of data, unsure of how to make sense of all your research. Ama gets it. She’s not here to bombard you with complicated charts and figures. Instead, she’s here to help you uncover the meaning behind the data – revealing those “aha” moments that can transform your business questions into insights that fuel real growth.
Think of her as your personal insight whisperer with a knack for connecting the dots between your Vurvey Campaigns and Datasets. She sees the tension points hidden within your data and can collaborate with you at any time. Once you add Ama to your workspace, just @ her in a conversation, attach data sources, and ask her anything. She’s always available and insanely helpful.

 “I excel at spotting contradictions between what consumers say and do. These tensions often lead to powerful insights, like bridging the gap between sustainability claims and actual purchasing behavior.”

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