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#1 Qwary Alternative

Much More Than Just A Video Survey Platform.

Insights & Innovation Supercharged with AI.

Unlock innovation with Vurvey, your AI-powered video insights platform. Engage with over 3 million consumers, streamline your processes from ideation to development, and elevate your market insights to new heights.

Custom AI agents
Voice of customers
End-to-end insights
1,000,000 Video insights
Smart Product Testing
Patented Technology
Global brands
3M consumers worldwide
Video + Survey = Vurvey
Diverse u0026 Inclusive
Global creators
Global communities
Upload and Invite
Proven u0026 Tested
Agile Insights
Power Start-up Growth
Global brands
Video + Survey = Vurvey
Everyone in the World

AI Built Around Market Research & Insights.

Vurvey is your AI market research platform shaping the next era of innovation, brand loyalty, and human creativity.

Automate the insights and innovation process with powerful agents that can research markets, generate new concepts, and gather feedback in hours not months.

Vurvey’s patented ‘video survey’ platform collects qual u0026 quant responses to accelerate consumer research, concept testing, and co-creation use cases.

Vurvey helps bring your CRM and Loyalty Programs to life. Connect existing lists or tap into over 3 million Consumer and B2B audiences.

Vurvey’s multi-modal AI platform helps teams automate insight generation and innovation. Automatically generate highlight reels, identify themes, and reports in seconds.

AI + Human Creativity

Turn ideas in your head into reality


  • Market Research
  • Consumer Research
  • Quali-quant Insights


  • Concept Generation
  • Product Market Fit
  • Opportunities


  • Segments & Personas
  • GTM Strategy
  • Claims & Messaging


  • Brand Perception
  • Brand Loyalty
  • Inclusivity


  • Concept Testing
  • Shopper Journey
  • Video Testimonials


  • New Segments
  • Program Engagement
  • Rewards

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the questions we hear most often
How can I use Vurvey? Is it DIY or managed services?
We work with brands in both ways! Many clients work with us in both a DIY capacity and through our Managed Services team, depending on their partner or project needs.
Can I use my own surveys, respondents or data into your platform for analysis?
Absolutely. In fact, the more you customize, the more personal the AI becomes.
How quickly can I launch a project?
You can get started within 48 hours
What Happens in a “Demo”
Our demos are typically 30-45 minutes, and our aim is to demo the platform as it relates to your specific use-cases. We prefer not demo the platform in a general way and “feature dump”
Can you reach highly specific audiences?
Absolutely. We can reach people all over the world, and can filter by interest, behavior, demos, geo, and more, and offer unlimited sets of custom screeners
How does pricing work?
Due to the highly specific needs of the research, insights, innovation and marketing teams, our pricing is highly specific to the particular partnership.