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Be the First to Know When a New Vurvey Agent Drops

Be the First to Know When a New Vurvey Agent Drops

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Frequently Asked Questions

Agent Notification FAQ's
What happens when I submit this form?
Once you hit that button, you’ll be whisked away to the Vurvey inner circle! Okay, not literally, but you will be added to our exclusive Agent Drop list. We’ll keep you in the loop about the latest and greatest Vurvey Agent drops, so you can be among the first to explore their unique capabilities and put them to work for you.
What’s in the notification?
We send a single email for each new agent drop. The email contains the agentic image, a brief bio, and a link to learn more about the agent if you desire. If you’re an existing customer, you’ll also receive instructions on adding the agent to your workspace.
How often will you email me?
You will receive a maximum of 2 emails per month